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adiira's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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still a regular [March 9th, 2007]
I was challenged by that girl again in tennis, and beat her again. I'm still a regular, yay!

Chemistry - unknown
Algebra II - unknown
Spanish I - 98
English II - 96
World History - 100 wh00t (highest grade in the class)
Bible - 100
Band - 97

In other news, I'm gonna go drool over those slightly new photos of Aiba Hiroki now...goodness that boy is adorable. All I need now is some pictures of Kimeru...and I'll be totally content.

Who's the newest regular...? [March 7th, 2007]
ADIIRA! wh00t!

I won a match against the girl who beat me before, won 8-6 (I had a minor crisis during the match, or I would have won 8-3). Because of my victory, I've moved up in the rankings at my school, SINGLES 3! wh00t!

Unfortunately, that is not the final list. I still have to make sure that no one else beats me except for people over me. I have challenged the girl who is singles 2, though I'm pretty sure I won't win. (she's a senior and really really good). However, I don't want to have to play the person I just beat over and over again. She really wants that spot I just took from her. It seems we're going to be playing match after match in order to claim it.

I've gotta keep practicing. But for now, I have a Chemistry test to study for.

Current Finals Grades
English - 96
World History - Taken/Grade not yet Known
Bible - 100 (exempt)

me on the tennis court [March 6th, 2007]
I found a few pictures on my school website of my tennis matches...

for amusement purposes only...Collapse )

How come I don't look all majestic and awesome like the tenipuri people when I play? Surely not because tenipuri is not real, it consumes my life. The best shot is the first one...cuz I'm acting all Oshitari-style w/ my glasses. They're really hard to play with though. The girl who I'm playing doubles with in that shot...she hit me in the face earlier that day and knocked my glasses off...and it hurt.

memes && randomness [March 5th, 2007]
a few memes...due to boredomCollapse )

Okay, time for an update on the life of adiira! Yay!

ART: I think I give up, because I tell you I can't draw. My graphics aren't that great these days either. Perhaps I just need some real good inspiration. I dunno, I drew a wolf a few days ago. I don't know why. Maybe I'll scan it. I tried drawing Fuji like five times on his non-existent birthday, and I just can't get it right.

FANFICTION: I have taken up the challenge of starting up the ZANNY TENIPURI HYOTEI FAMILY on my writing&art journal adiira. Everyone go dread it, because it's crack, and crack fanfiction is wonderful! xDD

DREAM NOVELS: I honestly don't know what to do about this. I'm waiting as patiently as I can concerning Just Once, but with the openings at Teniyume I wonder if I should try for them. My best DN is too long for their site to accept for the try outs though. I'm still waiting for Just Once.

I also have an idea circulating for a Fuji Syuusuke DN. It's based on my own recent tennis experiences. I don't know if I'll write it or not, but the idea is there.

LAYOUT: I have a new pretty layout! I was bored, and I was like 'I need a new layout' and so I got one. Yay.

SCHOOL: This week is finals week at school. In chemistry we've been reviewing for days. My math class is currently my worst one, and I have homework due tomorrow, and I forgot to bring my book home. Spanish is the worst language on the planet, I really don't like that class. In English my teacher has become obsessed with AP stuff. World History is awesome, but I'm not ready for my finals yet. Bible is going well, because I'm pretty much exempt from everything always... and in Band we sight read today.

TENNIS: We got our uniforms today...THEY LOOK LIKE ROKKAKU CHUU UNIFORMS. Seriously, we've got the scuba-like tennis uniforms, red with the white area around the sleeves. I'm currently ranked fourth of the singles players. Unfortunately, in my school we've got to have the top 7, not top 8 in the district matches. That includes the top three singles and two doubles pairs. I've got to beat the girl who is number 3 in order to get to go to district.

I'm gonna go get some hot chocolate now. I love hot chocolate...xDD

:( ~sad [February 28th, 2007]
Okay...in all truth & honesty, I don't want to talk about my horrible time at tennis today. In all truth & honesty I really should talk about it. I decided instead to make a nasty drink and knock all the loosing out of me in a very Inui-like way...

I discovered today that I have two traits like tenipuri characters I didn't realize. First, I discovered that if I am completely uninterested in a match...and there is a ledge nearby, I am highly inclined to lie down and go to sleep. JIROH!!! lol. Second....

I can take gross things like Fuji *warning...big pictures*Collapse )

I really really really wanna read some fanfiction right now. Anyone wanna link me to something. My brain seriously just needs like pure crack fanfiction right now...

...Ranking Matches [February 26th, 2007]
I finally get to go play tennis again at school...on Wednesday. However, that is our Ranking Tournament!!! What if I'm like...horrible? *cries* I must not loose.

I promise myself...and you all must make me reinforce this. If I loose a match in our ranking challenge, I will drink a random concoction of stuff which I shall call: Data Juice. I'll probably take a picture and post what's in it...and draw a chibi Inui or something next to it (i'm actually getting pretty good at drawing chibi Inui...and Momoshiro with his eyes closed xDD Tenipuri eyes are beyond me...I gotta work on drawing. I drew a wolf yesterday...it's howling at the moon. I should scan it! xDD)

Wish me luck on the ranking matches. Oooh, for each match, I shall give blow by blow with tenipuri screencaps to demonstrate what happened! Well, I will if I can find time :P Do they ever run into the fence? I did that in my last real match. I don't think they do...xDD


Err...I suppose announcing that i'm 'back' is appropriate? [February 25th, 2007]
I haven't really been gone, demo...it's just easier to say that. I ended up so much busier than I expected to be. Here's the basic rundown which it seems no one reads anyway, so yeah, that's pretty much what this post is...

School is hectic. We had a slow period for a while in the middle of the nine weeks, but with finals coming up in two weeks we've had to speed up again. In chemistry we had to do vocabulary for this one chapter...54 vocabulary words! That's insane. For algebra it's the same old boring stuff, as with Spanish. I found out they're gonna be offering Chinese next year at my school, I wanna transfer to that. In English we wrote research paper first drafts, and read two books in the past few weeks. Fun fun fun...not really. World History is awesome, because we got to write essays on Japan *cough*I got the highest grade in the class, perfect 100 <333 and in the essay I used everyone's favorite Atobe quote...cuz it was dealing with the pride of Japanese culture. booyah. We're on a chapter about Japan right now. I'm happy, everyone else is...less than thrilled. I'm banned by the teacher from talking about Japan though...it has become 'my favorite place' when I speak about it now. lol. In bible we're watching Lord of the Rings...why...I don't know. I haven't been to band in a week, due to illness. I haven't been to tennis either, which stinks, because I miss it beyond belief. My current record is 3 wins [2 doubles, 1 singles] and 1 loss [singles], so pretty good so far. My loss was a major Kaidoh vs. Kamio style match, I was ahead 5-2 and I don't know exactly what happened. Well, I did run into the fence once...could be my brains got rattled.

Over the past week I've been sick, though I'm not quite sure with what. I've spent most of it asleep, coughing, playing video games, studying, and watching Ouran High School Host Club for the ?????????? time xDD. I love that anime so much. I downloaded a lot of the songs...and they're on repeat on my iPod.

I went to my first round of the academic competitions and come home bearing good news. I'm going to state. I was in the three way tie for third in Original Oratory. My judges were evil though...really big meanieheads. I wanna punch 'em really badly. However...i don't feel like ranting right now, it's too pretty of a day to rant. If only my mom would let me play tennis, but she wants my illness to completly subside before I step back on the court. grr. I miss tennis so much!

Ya know...I really need to start getting serious about looking for colleges and stuff. I get the feeling i'm a bit too naive on that whole subject, considering i'm in national honor society, and i got to college in two years. the whole big world out there isn't gonna wait for little me to study it intently the week before I enter it. Anyone have any resources or anything I could look up. I don't know where to begin.

...I think I'm gonna go try to sneak out and practice tennis...hopefully I won't cough and give myself away on the way outside.


*dies* [January 7th, 2007]
I don't have much time to write...argh, but I'm pretty sure that I will be busy so often these days that my writing will become frequenter *if that's a word, which it's not* (yes, it's illogical, but i'll be on her more since i'm busy than any other time of the year).

School restarted, and I got my report card, all A's (100's in Chem., Bible, and Band). I'm reasonably happy, but I could have done better on some grades.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SALES *dies* I've already sold over 130 boxes in the first two days...but I need to sell at least 425 for any of it to go to my trip to London.

I'll update more thoroughly on school later.

Academic Meet and LTC are starting to get more serious...I'm gonna die I tell you...*falls over* Anyone have any ideas for a good Original Oratory subject??? (I wanna do why Tenipuri is awesome..but yeah...no one else cares :(, and I'm pretty sure Mrs. Bryant wouldn't let me do that)

I have plans for the next section of my Fuji Syuusuke DN, which I will try to write this week, probably on Tuesday. You can count on it then!

I just fixed my iTunes, it'd been a pain and wasn't working for the past two days. Luckily, it didn't loose any of my songs!

I memorized Philippians chapter 4 for school a few days ago, as extra credit for Bible class, so I am now exempt from a total of two exams in there. If I can ever find time, I'll work on the other 3 chapters from different books to memorize so I don't have to worry about any tests. (not like I'd ever worry about a Bible test)

I have to go finish AP World History homework. Mills-sensei has us reading a chapter a night, I think I'm gonna die.

~~Slowly Dying

*prints out picture of Aiba Hiroki to put in purse as reassurance that everything will be okay* *blush* xDD

New Beginnings... [January 2nd, 2007]
Well, school starts up again tomorrow for me! I'm excited, but at bit sad too, because holidays are fun. Not everything can be a holiday though. It's about time I got to learn something (I did homework two days ago out of boredom...and it wasn't even assigned yet xDD). To commemorate the occasion, I re-watched the final Ouran episode...ahh, you've gotta love the dad's at the end fighting over who's son will marry Haruhi xDDD!! *i'm a poor special student, why can't that sort of thing happen to me :(*

I got 'The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess' for GameCube for christmas, and started playing it today. For video games, as much as I love them, I almost always print out a guide to help me. I didn't do that for this game. I've made it further than I have on any of my others in just one day!! I've beaten the first two places to get the Fused Shadows. I know, not very impressive when the game goes on and on...but I'm just glad I did it all by myself.


*is off to watch the next PoT dub and yell at it*

Rackets Inspire Sudden Bursts of COSPLAY! [December 29th, 2006]
Wh00t! I got my new racket today! Actually, something went wrong with the order...and we got TWO of it! *joyous* My dad's gonna figure out what went wrong and try to send the extra back :(, I wanna keep it, because then if someone uses spot on me in a match and my racket breaks and I get my eyelid cut open, I'll have an extra that looks just the same, just like Ryoma! *that was a LONG sentence xDD!*

Speaking of Ryoma...first off today, check out adiira because I posted my first ever crack!fic featuring Ryoma, and I have added several new icons to the Choutarou set!

Back to the racket subject, well, it's orange, and I looked through all the characters of PoT for people with orange rackets...and NO ONE has an orange racket! Chouta's is yellow, and Saeki's looks orange, but it's really wooden...so I decided to name it Kiyosumi, because of Sengoku's hair xDD!

And, looking at it, and in my new jacket I got for Christmas, I felt like I was wearing a regular's jersey, and I felt a bit important. So...I grabbed a camera, took a photo of the racket, and then decided to give my first attempt at a Fuji Syuusuke cosplay!! Be warned...I'm not that great at Fuji...I tried really hard to come up with a good pic with the camera in it, and my eyes closed, but I kept angling it wrong at the mirror since I couldn't see. *sigh* Nonetheless, I now present, behind this lovely cut...



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