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I don't have much time to write...argh, but I'm pretty sure that I will be busy so often these days that my writing will become frequenter *if that's a word, which it's not* (yes, it's illogical, but i'll be on her more since i'm busy than any other time of the year).

School restarted, and I got my report card, all A's (100's in Chem., Bible, and Band). I'm reasonably happy, but I could have done better on some grades.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SALES *dies* I've already sold over 130 boxes in the first two days...but I need to sell at least 425 for any of it to go to my trip to London.

I'll update more thoroughly on school later.

Academic Meet and LTC are starting to get more serious...I'm gonna die I tell you...*falls over* Anyone have any ideas for a good Original Oratory subject??? (I wanna do why Tenipuri is awesome..but one else cares :(, and I'm pretty sure Mrs. Bryant wouldn't let me do that)

I have plans for the next section of my Fuji Syuusuke DN, which I will try to write this week, probably on Tuesday. You can count on it then!

I just fixed my iTunes, it'd been a pain and wasn't working for the past two days. Luckily, it didn't loose any of my songs!

I memorized Philippians chapter 4 for school a few days ago, as extra credit for Bible class, so I am now exempt from a total of two exams in there. If I can ever find time, I'll work on the other 3 chapters from different books to memorize so I don't have to worry about any tests. (not like I'd ever worry about a Bible test)

I have to go finish AP World History homework. Mills-sensei has us reading a chapter a night, I think I'm gonna die.

~~Slowly Dying

*prints out picture of Aiba Hiroki to put in purse as reassurance that everything will be okay* *blush* xDD
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