adiira (alchemic_ll) wrote,

...Ranking Matches

I finally get to go play tennis again at school...on Wednesday. However, that is our Ranking Tournament!!! What if I'm like...horrible? *cries* I must not loose.

I promise myself...and you all must make me reinforce this. If I loose a match in our ranking challenge, I will drink a random concoction of stuff which I shall call: Data Juice. I'll probably take a picture and post what's in it...and draw a chibi Inui or something next to it (i'm actually getting pretty good at drawing chibi Inui...and Momoshiro with his eyes closed xDD Tenipuri eyes are beyond me...I gotta work on drawing. I drew a wolf's howling at the moon. I should scan it! xDD)

Wish me luck on the ranking matches. Oooh, for each match, I shall give blow by blow with tenipuri screencaps to demonstrate what happened! Well, I will if I can find time :P Do they ever run into the fence? I did that in my last real match. I don't think they do...xDD

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